My RI Life: Elizabeth Stone Of Mint Leaf Media & Baby Got Booth see Original post at

My RI Life: Elizabeth Stone Of Mint Leaf Media & Baby Got Booth see Original post at


I am a RI native and small business owner of Mint Leaf Media (a marketing consulting firm) and Baby Got Booth (A photobooth company but, I think the name speaks for itself.). I am a soon to be mom to a little girl in the beginning of 2016 and a step-mom to a wonderful 5 year old boy. My husband, son, and I live in Providence and love how close we are to the city and the beach. I love running, walking, yoga, family hikes, and basically any kind of exercise. I also enjoy going for long motorcycle rides in Little Compton and South County. I have my motorcycle license, but like riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle more because I can close my eyes and enjoy the wind in my face (NOT while pregnant, don’t worry!). Below are some of my favorite spots in RI and some bonus holiday marketing tips.

Food & Restaurants

For smoothies: Benefit Juice Bar and Wildflour are my two favorite smoothie places. After my smoothie, I enjoy a nice walk downthe Boulevard or around Swan Point.

For Dinner: I love Los Andes, in a city where our choices for fine dining are Italian and…Italian, Andean cuisine is a breath of fresh air, comfort food mixed with exotic accents. Not only that, but the quality and execution are great, with a very lively atmosphere to match. My son and marine biologist husband love the huge salt water fish tanks.

For Drinks: My drink is a dirty martini which I’ve missed dearly in the last 6 and a half months! I especially love my husband’s extra special martinis on a warm night in the back yard, but when I get to go out, I enjoy having a martini at Hemenway’s or on theWaterman Grill’s back deck.

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Health & Wellness

For Yoga: My go-to yoga studio in Providence is my home studio Providence Power Yoga, the teachers are amazing, and they offer so many different class times that can fit anyone’s schedule. For prenatal yoga, my favorite class is Sat a.m. with Wayne at Raffa. I also love the salt saunas and as soon as my pregnancy is done, I’ll be in there sweating and soaking up the salt.

For Hiking: The Newport Cliff Walk and the Arcadia Trail in Coventry are two of my favorite hikes in RI. I also love, love, love theEast Bay Bike Path and of course, getting ice cream in Bristol at the end.

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Holiday Marketing Tips

1. Create Time Limited Offers. Encourage customers to buy now. Make sure to stick to your time-limit, so customers feel the urgency to purchase asap.

2. Offer Gift Certificates. Whatever your business, selling gift certificates, gift cards, and e-certificates is a great way to give your customers a convenient gift option. They also help you generate sales well into the New Year, with recipients often spending more than the value of the certificate.

3. Use Your Website And Social Media to Promote Your Holiday Activities. Develop holiday themes for your email templates and update your website and Facebook profile picture with a festive look. Make sure to include call to actions on your social media posts. A great tool to make great social media post and cover photos is (The best part is it is free!!)

4. Partner With Other Businesses. Is there a way you can partner with complementary stores or restaurants to cross-promote each other’s businesses? Or partner with other businesses in sharing each other’s social media posts. This way you reach an entirely new audience. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there when networking.

5. Offer Free Shipping. The average shopper will do 44% of their holiday shopping online and free shipping is important!

6. Make A Call to Action Button On Your Facebook Business Page. It’s something that takes less than 10 minutes, do it now!


Contact Info & Social Media

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PattyJ Guest Blog Post

PattyJ Guest Blog Post

Marketing can seem overwhelming, especially for small business owners and individuals juggling many tasks and responsibilities. With so many outlets and so much information, it’s often hard to know where to start. First, it’s important to realize that a strong marketing campaign will take time. Start with small steps and build from there.

Also, over the past decade there has been a shift in the marketing paradigm from a one-way dictation (traditional media) to a two-way engagement format. What does this mean? In the past, marketers would throw out information to the public and hope it resonated with someone. Now, with the development of social media and inbound marketing channels of communication (i.e., blogging, podcasts, eBooks, and SEO for starters), customers can give businesses immediate feedback in a variety of ways. This new way of marketing and collecting market research then means an entirely new way to manage your company’s (and your) public image.

With this in mind, here are some tips and tricks to get you started with effectively marketing your business:

  1. Research: Know your business, know your industry, and know your customer. This will help you create a stronger marketing strategy and better messaging.
  2. Make Sure Your Messaging Is Consistent Across All Channels: This will make it easier for people to recognize your brand and applies to your social media, website, blog, business cards, etc. And don’t forget your head shots (Consistency here helps people recognize you quickly and easily.), your logo (Repeat and feature it everywhere you can!), and the colors in your logo and on your website. This strategy will help strengthen your brand and guide new clients – or readers, if you have a blog – your way.
  3. Use A Call-To-Action (CTA): Always include a clear CTA on your social media posts, blogs, emails, etc. Not sure what a CTA is? Here are a few examples – “Attend Our Event”, “Make An Appointment”, “Browse Our Website”, “Read My Blog Post”, and “Comment (or Like) If You Agree”. (Facebook Business Pages also feature a CTA button. Make sure to use it to direct your customers where you’d like them to go, whether it’s to your website, blog, or another destination.)
  4. Get Employees To Share Your Content: Social media is a big job. Involve your employees in the creation/sharing of social media content. This will help you reach a much broader audience.
  5. Use Buddy Marketing To Promote Your Business: For example, share another businesses’ upcoming event and they, in return, might share yours. This will allow you to reach an entirely new pool of potential customers.


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About Elizabeth Stone, MBA

Elizabeth is an Entrepreneur in Rhode Island. She is the President and Founder of Mint Leaf Media, Baby Got Booth and her latest project Coral Reef Eco Series. She is an experienced marketer and online analyst with a background in psychology and behavioral therapy. Mint Leaf Media’s mission is to help small businesses and individuals tell their unique story and build relationships by maximizing the power of digital and social media.