2016: The Year You Will Crush Your Marketing New Year’s Goals

New Year's Goals

About a month has passed since we counted down to 2016. Crazy, isn’t it? Perhaps crazier is the fact that, statistically, about 25 percent of people who make a New Year’s resolution can’t even stick to it for one week. Additional research shows that figure climbing to 33 percent by the end of the month, largely due to a lack of time.

These numbers might resonate with you, especially if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur. Knowing how important a solid marketing strategy is for your brand, you want to accomplish new goals. However, it may not be long before you see your efforts dissipate due to a lack of time or perhaps budget.

Flash forward to today. With January now in our rearview mirrors, tell us…did you promise to accomplish a marketing-specific goal this year? For example, did you commit to improving your organic search rankings or creating a more data-driven marketing approach?

If you did commit to something new this year, do you want to be part of the 73 percent of people who, according to the aforementioned research, give up on their goal before accomplishing it?

Of course not. But as we all know, life happens. The unexpected can sidetrack even organizations with a robust marketing department, let alone a small business in which the owner may be independently handling all marketing initiatives. As one can imagine, for these smaller businesses, the likelihood of accomplishing set goals becomes much greater.

It’s okay if you’re not sure how you’re going to accomplish everything on your 2016 marketing “To Do” list. It’s okay if you haven’t even settled on a New Year’s resolution yet. In a busy first quarter, we understand how difficult it can be to carve out time for introspection, but it’s important to reflect on the last 12 months. Consider what you can do this year on the marketing front to propel your brand in today’s ultra-competitive landscape.

We can’t tell you what your marketing New Year’s resolution should be; only you can do that. What we can do is walk alongside you to get those plans in motion and accomplish them in a way that satisfies your time and budgetary needs.

Like any other resolution, you’re more likely to be successful with your strategy if you have support from others. For you, that may be a dependable and effective marketing partner.

The bottom line is that you should never have to manage your marketing strategy alone. The good news is you don’t have to.

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