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We’re a passionate group of individuals who want to help small businesses maximize their potential by providing honest, dependable and effective Marketing solutions.

Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth Stone, MBA, is the President and Founder of Mint Leaf Media. She is an experienced marketer and online analyst with a background in psychology and behavioral therapy. Elizabeth is experienced in managing business’s online presence and social media for media outlets such as Providence Business News to the cutting edge web design firm Trellon, LLC.

She has done everything from writing and managing blogs to product release campaigns. Passionate about success through marketing, PR, and business strategy throughout her entire career, Elizabeth loves helping people identify, conceptualize and execute creative ways to produce content that is salient to any given audience. Elizabeth develops marketing messaging strategies and solutions using her voracious research and analysis skills.

Elizabeth completed both a B.A. in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Rhode Island. In her spare time, she enjoys competitive yoga, running, and cooking.


“Our mission is to help small businesses tell their unique story and build relationships by maximizing the power of digital and social media”