PattyJ Guest Blog Post

PattyJ Guest Blog Post

Marketing can seem overwhelming, especially for small business owners and individuals juggling many tasks and responsibilities. With so many outlets and so much information, it’s often hard to know where to start. First, it’s important to realize that a strong marketing campaign will take time. Start with small steps and build from there.

Also, over the past decade there has been a shift in the marketing paradigm from a one-way dictation (traditional media) to a two-way engagement format. What does this mean? In the past, marketers would throw out information to the public and hope it resonated with someone. Now, with the development of social media and inbound marketing channels of communication (i.e., blogging, podcasts, eBooks, and SEO for starters), customers can give businesses immediate feedback in a variety of ways. This new way of marketing and collecting market research then means an entirely new way to manage your company’s (and your) public image.

With this in mind, here are some tips and tricks to get you started with effectively marketing your business:

  1. Research: Know your business, know your industry, and know your customer. This will help you create a stronger marketing strategy and better messaging.
  2. Make Sure Your Messaging Is Consistent Across All Channels: This will make it easier for people to recognize your brand and applies to your social media, website, blog, business cards, etc. And don’t forget your head shots (Consistency here helps people recognize you quickly and easily.), your logo (Repeat and feature it everywhere you can!), and the colors in your logo and on your website. This strategy will help strengthen your brand and guide new clients – or readers, if you have a blog – your way.
  3. Use A Call-To-Action (CTA): Always include a clear CTA on your social media posts, blogs, emails, etc. Not sure what a CTA is? Here are a few examples – “Attend Our Event”, “Make An Appointment”, “Browse Our Website”, “Read My Blog Post”, and “Comment (or Like) If You Agree”. (Facebook Business Pages also feature a CTA button. Make sure to use it to direct your customers where you’d like them to go, whether it’s to your website, blog, or another destination.)
  4. Get Employees To Share Your Content: Social media is a big job. Involve your employees in the creation/sharing of social media content. This will help you reach a much broader audience.
  5. Use Buddy Marketing To Promote Your Business: For example, share another businesses’ upcoming event and they, in return, might share yours. This will allow you to reach an entirely new pool of potential customers.


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About Elizabeth Stone, MBA

Elizabeth is an Entrepreneur in Rhode Island. She is the President and Founder of Mint Leaf Media, Baby Got Booth and her latest project Coral Reef Eco Series. She is an experienced marketer and online analyst with a background in psychology and behavioral therapy. Mint Leaf Media’s mission is to help small businesses and individuals tell their unique story and build relationships by maximizing the power of digital and social media.


Minty Fresh Beginnings

Minty Fresh Beginnings

WELCOME to our first of many blog post. Although we meant to start blogging sooner, as many small business owners know, life gets busy and all of a sudden you realize months have slipped by. So here is our first long over due blog post.


Who we are?


Stephen and I (Elizabeth) started Mint Leaf Media in 2014 with the goal of helping individuals and small businesses tell their unique stories. We all have a story to tell, but sometimes that story gets lost along the way. With the rapid growth of social media, new ways of marketing have developed. In a sense it has brought a new light to online marketing. There are many opportunities to get our story out there but many small businesses don’t have the time and money to research and learn all of the different online marketing techniques. That’s where we come into play. We want to help you bridge that gap by providing easy, efficient tips to tell your unique story. Before I get into what we will be blogging about let me tell you a little about Stephen and myself.



I am the President of Mint Leaf Media. My passion for helping individuals started at a young age and took me into a psychology and behavioral therapy direction for many years. After gaining experience working in the mental health field I decided to return to school for my MBA. I wanted to bring all of my passion and enthusiasm for helping people into a new field. I have since used everything I have learned to help people identify, conceptualize and execute creative ways to produce content that tells their story.

Another passion of mine is health and wellness, which you will see throughout future blog posts. In my spare time, I greatly enjoy yoga, running, cooking, and leading a health conscious lifestyle. Health and wellness is such an important part in helping us grow as individuals, families and businesses yet it seems that it is easily overlooked. It’s all about finding that ideal balance to be the healthiest and happiest you can be.


Stephen is a co-founder of Mint Leaf Media. He is currently studying business management at Johnson & Wales University. He works as an administrator for Mint Leaf Media as well as an assistant wrestling coach and mentor for East Greenwich High School and Mayo Quanchi. He shares my passion for health and wellness. He has received academic all-American in wrestling this past year which is an award given to students who exhibit academic excellence and place top 6 in regionals. Stephen, like myself, realized that times needs to be taken for mental self maintenance. He began woodworking in highschool and quickly became proficient at the art. He uses trees from his backyard to beautiful live edge furniture. Finding time to relax and think away from a screen is an important part of staying healthy, but it seems like when life gets busy, its the first thing to go.


What we will write about?


As we continue to grow we will be share some of our expertise with you. We will be giving marketing and social media tips for individuals and small businesses as well as health and wellness information that will save you time and engage your community. We will also share health and wellness tips, recipes, and events. We believe that a healthy lifestyle can improve your life experience and give you the energy and motivation to grow your business as it has for us.


We will both be posting around once a week on here. To get more marketing and wellness tips, please follow us on instagram and facebook. If you have any questions, please email me at:

Elizabeth and Stephen