Ritual Motion

Gaming Space Crowdfunding Triumph




Ritual Motion (Gaming Industry)

The Challenge

Crowdfunding for Gaming Initiative

Ritual Motion, a player-centric brand in the gaming industry, aimed to raise funds for a unique initiative through crowdfunding. Mint Leaf Media was tasked with creating a compelling crowdfunding campaign to support the brand’s vision.

Mint Leaf Media's Solution

Our team devised a multi-faceted crowdfunding strategy that leveraged Ritual Motion’s strong presence in the gaming community. We developed engaging content, showcased the initiative’s value proposition, and implemented targeted outreach to gamers and enthusiasts.


  • The crowdfunding campaign for Ritual Motion’s gaming initiative exceeded its funding target, demonstrating the strong support of the gaming community.
  • The campaign generated buzz and excitement within the industry, positioning Ritual Motion as an innovative player in the gaming space.
  • Mint Leaf Media’s strategic approach contributed to the successful realization of Ritual Motion’s crowdfunding goals.

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