Apollo & Luna

Elevating a Pet Food Brand’s Digital Presence




Apollo & Luna

The Challenge

 Rebranding, User Acquisition, and Amazon Strategy

Apollo & Luna, an emerging pet food brand, aimed to revamp its digital presence and accelerate growth. Mint Leaf Media was engaged to redesign their website, devise a user acquisition marketing plan, and formulate a strategic approach for listing their products on Amazon.

Mint Leaf Media's Solution

Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the pet food market and identified Apollo & Luna’s unique selling points. We developed a fresh, user-friendly website that aligned with the brand’s values and communicated its quality offerings. To drive user acquisition, we implemented targeted digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including social media and search engines. For Amazon, we devised a product listing strategy that emphasized compelling visuals and persuasive product descriptions.


  • Apollo & Luna witnessed a significant increase in website traffic and user engagement following the rebranding and user acquisition campaigns.
  • The brand’s products gained higher visibility on Amazon, leading to improved sales and customer reviews.
  • Apollo & Luna established itself as a reputable player in the pet food industry, attracting a loyal customer base.

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