Revitalizing a Biotechnology Company’s Brand Identity





The Challenge

Refreshing Brand Identity and Scientific Illustrations

HCBioscience, a biotechnology company, aimed to enhance its brand image and showcase its scientific expertise through a revamped website. Mint Leaf Media was tasked with developing a refreshed brand identity and creating improved scientific illustrations for the new site to maximize fundraising impact.

Mint Leaf Media's Solution

Our team collaborated closely with HCBioscience to understand its unique value proposition and target audience. We redesigned the company’s logo, color palette, and visual elements to align with its scientific focus while maintaining a modern look. Additionally, we created detailed scientific illustrations that effectively communicated complex concepts to a diverse audience.


  • HCBioscience’s rebranding efforts resulted in a more professional and impactful online presence, enhancing its credibility in the biotechnology sector.
  • The improved scientific illustrations contributed to a clearer understanding of the company’s research and innovations, attracting potential investors and partners.
  • HCBioscience achieved enhanced fundraising success and positioned itself as a thought leader in the biotech industry.

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