MSA (Expert Witness Engineering Firm)

Transforming an Engineering Firm into a Boutique Business




MSA (Expert Witness Engineering Firm)

The Challenge

Accelerating Growth and Business Transformation

MSA, an expert witness engineering firm, aspired to evolve into a boutique business and become a leader in its niche. Mint Leaf Media was engaged to facilitate this transformation, positioning MSA for rapid growth.

Mint Leaf Media's Solution

Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of MSA’s current operations, target market, and competition. We devised a strategic roadmap that included rebranding, a revamped website, and targeted marketing campaigns. By highlighting MSA’s unique strengths and expertise, we aimed to establish the firm as a go-to source for expert witness services.


  • MSA successfully transitioned into a boutique business, focusing on high-value cases and specialized expertise.
  • The rebranded website showcased MSA’s capabilities, attracting a wider range of clients and increasing inquiries.
  • MSA experienced accelerated growth and became a recognized leader in the expert witness engineering sector.

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