Multi-Channel Marketing for SAAS Customer Base Growth





The Challenge

Expanding SAAS Customer Base with Multi-Channel Marketing

Reportable, a SAAS company, aimed to enhance its customer base through a strategic multi-channel marketing campaign. Mint Leaf Media was tasked with creating an effective marketing strategy encompassing Google Ads, Display Ads, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, and Email Marketing.

Mint Leaf Media's Solution

Our team conducted thorough market research to understand Reportable’s target audience and competitors. We developed a tailored multi-channel marketing plan that included compelling ad creatives, targeted audience segmentation, and personalized email campaigns. This approach ensured consistent brand messaging across platforms and maximized audience reach.


  • Reportable experienced a substantial increase in website traffic and lead generation through the multi-channel marketing campaign.
  • The brand’s online presence improved, with higher engagement rates across social media platforms and increased click-through rates on ads.
  • Reportable successfully expanded its customer base and strengthened its market position.

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